Shane T. Worsnup plumbing and drain service

So, a little about me. I have been in the plumbing service and repair business for more than twenty years. 

The last real job i had was with a top plumbing company here in the valley. I was a key player and a devoted employee. In 2009 I struck out on my own, and never looked back.

It's not all roses ill tell you that. I still love fixing plumbing and clearing drains, but the paper work I struggle with, marketing just kills me. Taxes.....we don't want to talk about that. 

UPDATE: July,2015 well I just renewed my license. I have been caught up in a time consuming project (not plumbing) for most of the as fun and ill post all the pics...

the calls i get are from word of mouth. I built this web site with my own two fingers in hopes of attracting some new customers.

so here i am, give me a call.